Friday, October 15, 2004

No Carte de Sejour

I will spare you the gritty details now because it's time to go home and I'm hungry, but this morning I grabbed the bus up to Laval (30 km, maybe?) to go to the prefecture and obtain my Carte de Sejour, which allows me to get paid and avoid being tossed out of the country, etc.

It turns out that I need to either have a permanent address or return to the prefecture bearing Odette's ID card and a copy of one of her old electricity bills.

Basically, in order to live in France for a while it's very necessary that you prove you already live in France. Thank you, The French.

But I'm moving to my new place in one week, and it seems to have stopped raining, and then there's DAS WEEKEND. Few weekends have been as welcome in memory as this one.


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