Tuesday, January 11, 2005

What the Hell?

Okay, I guess I live in France again. I'm confused, though - the sun is just coming up and by all rights it's time for my mid-afternoon nap.

On the plus side - it turns out that I don't have any classes the first day back, as the kids are all sweating it out in mock exams of the biggest, bad-assest variety I've ever seen.

On the minus side - it looks like I missed another compulsory medical appointment with the French government by virtue of being out of the country. What is it with countries that want to make you turn your head and cough? Creepy!

Also it seems that it's possible I didn't pack any and all cameras that I was planning on packing. Sad, isn't it? I separate the things into a separate pile so I won't lose them and whoops - they don't get into the bag.

So forgive my rambles - jet lag cracks its whip.


At 1:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, over the weekend I got a voicemail from a certain red-head that was featured on this blog not too far back. The voicemail cut after about 1.5 seconds, so I have no idea what the voicemail was about or what action I was meant to take as a result of said voicemail. And now I'm posting all this here, for no better reason than I have 5 minutes until I need to be working again. That is all.

The one, the only, the EVIL...


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