Sunday, February 20, 2005

i am not lame.

hey folks! matt's illustrious cousin here and i am under strict orders not to be lame, thus the title of this entry. i'm thinking positive here. bear with me.
so here we are in london, capital of the great empire which is/was/were great britain, also known as england also known as the united kingdom (geez i wish they'd make up their mind). we had no queen sightings. though in honor of matt's beret and mime count that is currently running in france, we have spotted one official beret and one official mime. both not french. do they count? sure. why not?
though i haven't read what matt has added of our adventures, i am sure he has not told you blog-readers that today we took the boat into greenwich and visited the prime meridian. there were pictures taken of cousin e cousin, meridian e meridian. we also saturated our brains with much learned knowledge before bearing the brutal chilliness of a whopping 38 degrees fahrenheit back to the boat.
however, the pure highlight today was our chance meeting of ellen macarthur, champion of the solo journey around the world in her oh-so-schnazzy B+Q boat. she told us we were the coolest tourists to walk on the greenwich pier ever. no she didn't. she didn't even see us. but we were 1 foot away from the mayor of greenwich who apparently likes to wear women's clothing and jewelry and found a way to do that professionally without the sleaze...
so yes. london has been great. i am ever so pleased matt fought his way out of french country and joined up with the anglos this week. we have had a smashing time.
sadly the journey ends tomorrow, with him returning to chateau gontier tomorrow via tube via bus via plane via train (?) and i via tube via plane via bus via bus. but i do have an anxious kitty waiting for me, and a job that is begging me to pay off the bills i have piled up this week. but it's all for the sake of london and so that makes everything okay!
so off i go, passing the pay-internet at the hostel back over to matthewjohn. peace out yo, and for godssake, god bless the queen, especially since we can't get her to come to matt's world fair this summer. (you all, however, will surely make it. there will be t-shirts, fried twinkies and old people i hear).


At 2:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

anna, anna, thank you for saying his real name, i'm so proud, of course you have been at least peripherally aware of it your whole life..okay, fine, i'll send beer money -

matt's mom (that's what they call me, you know, only in voices so hideous as to be exercises in excellence)


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