Sunday, April 17, 2005

Revisionist History

A few months back I put a quiz up on the blog so everybody could compete for a one-pound bag of Starburst.

Though I have eaten all the Starburst from the original Fabulous Prize Package, others can be purchased and it is with this in mind that I give you the new (revisionist) winner of the contest:

Mr. Jason     Jason

Congratulations! (please allow six to eight weeks for delivery)


At 10:24 AM, Anonymous He who itches down there said...

This is just so unexpected! I don't know where to begin... I'd like to thank Jesus, and Matt John... and Matt John's Mom, because without her, none of this would have been possible. And of course, I'd like to thank the dirty, dirty French for giving Matt John the opportunity to travel, Meredith, for supporting his trip... and everyone from Sabotage, for helping to mold Matt John into the suave, sophisticated, globe-trotter he is today.

At 9:01 AM, Anonymous purplecamels said...

I believe his official title is 'hot hot hot hot Jason' Please update your contacts list.

At 7:25 PM, Blogger MJP said...

You know, I'll take his current email address so I can create a contact for the man in my address book.

Has he an email address? This is apparently one of those Secrets Man Was Not Meant to Know.

At 1:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

that was mean, you hurt my feelings, i hate


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