Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Bittersweet, Part I: Bitter

My time in France is drawing to a close, and I'm starting to say goodbye to some of the students. This is sometimes good and sometimes bad.

Last Thursday it was good. I said goodbye to a group that's been difficult almost every time I've had them, and this their last class was no exception.

You know that moment when the bell is ringing and everybody gets out of their seats at the same time? During that moment I (erm) accidentally said to the class "please remember, I hate most of you!"

Whoops. It just kind of popped out.

So no worries, nobody looked at me funny - I think it was well camouflaged by the scraping of chairs and ringing of bell and such.



At 8:24 PM, Anonymous The South said...

That, friend, is beautiful.


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