Sunday, March 13, 2005

EuroSoccer Maniacs Watch the Simpsons in French

Today was a lovely day - I was gone for most of it. In the afternoon I got a call from my neighbor, Samuel. He proposed that we take advantage of the weather and head out for some basketball. I gathered with him and a couple of other guys at a nice sport complex the next town over and we played some soccer and basketball.

Not played, really. Just messed around; you know how that goes.

There was much rejoicing * because I lost track of time. I was just relaxed, having fun, and not entertaining any back-of-the-mind worries. Score!

Except I'm really bad at basketball. That continues to irk me.

After a break for a change of clothes and a Secret Errand, we reconvened at Damien's place for some Simpsons. Some Simpsons in French, I might add! The voices aren't bad at all; poor Mackenzie had a much worse time of it in Germany, where they clearly have no idea what the Simpsons are all about. In fact, my only real complaint is that the person voicing Homer doesn't grok the solid brick of je ne sais quoi that is "D'oh!"

We watched the Beer Baron episode, the New York City episode, and one other which I've forgotten. It was a real treat, and a great capper to a fine bit of social fun. Next time I'm bringing the football; we'll see who's really an athlete then!


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