Wednesday, December 01, 2004


I am wrung through the blender and back by these past few days, which I'm sure is nothing compared to what it did to Meredith, who had five days to go from CST to FFT (Fucking French Time) and back.

So here I am, listening to the Smiths, perusing some of our pictures from the vacation, and trying to reflect. I got her from the airport Thursday, and it's been what feels like two really wonderful days since then.

I feel alone already, and I miss Meredith and I miss my family and I miss my friends. This trip of hers has reminded me viscerally of my network of people back at home. I am on my way back for Christmas.

I really liked taking care of Meredith while she was here. I cooked breakfast a bunch, which was really exciting. I also was pleased to have people for her to meet, a place carved out to show her, and the ability to let her enjoy her time here without worrying at all about trains or hotels or bus schedules or paying for anything.

I liked walking with her past the river. I liked sneaking out to the grocery store while she was still sleeping so she could have bread and tea at breakfast. I liked showing her the places I might have lived and the place I ended up taking. I liked planning a trip to Nantes but having too much to do here at home. I liked picking her up and carrying her around. Overall, the trip was wonderful. Since it's been bedtime for quite a while now, I will save specific impressions for future posts. Sorry to cut y'all off now, but I'm just about done writing!

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At 1:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I MISS YOU TOO!!! Thank you for taking care of me! Come home soon!


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