Thursday, May 26, 2005

I Am Alive, And In Perfect Hibernation

Since I got back from France, I have been in Chicago, Cedarburg, and Madison. Furthermore, I have gotten sick and started to recover.

Life in the immediate future will involve going to visit everybody and unpacking and telling heroic stories (lies) about my gigantic adventure in Europe (or, to those in the know, federal prison).

Also, I'm taking my parents to go see Star Wars. How cool is that?

Point being: if I haven't seen you lately, give me a ring or drop me an email and let's see when we can get together before I get revved up to go do Real Life again. Cheers!


At 8:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back!! I'm in Winona, and don't know when I'll be back in Cedarburg again, but I'm DYING to hear your stories about prison, er, uh, France. I have a story or two for you as well...
love, Samantha


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