Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Meredith's Entry (Entry de la Girl) - Now Annotated With Pictures!

I am happy to report that I now speak fluent french. I am also a newly minted expert on french cuisine: namely, pizza. Often confused as the creation of Italy, pizza is a culinary landmark of France, especially midwestern french countryside. I recommend getting it with another parisian classic: tirimisu. They have also recreated an excellent version of our french onion soup. Mmmmm....

Suffice it to say, I am VERY VERY happy here. And may not come back. I have never seen a more beautiful town than Chateau Gontier (Laval almost beats it, but is currently handicapped by its excess of tacky Christmas cheer: i.e. too many lights and elves and trees and snowmen etc. etc. etc.). Matthew has all the ancient beauty and magic of a town fairly untouched for the past several hundred years at his fingertips, and I think we have all been getting skimped on a number of pictures.

How can I best describe it here...the shoes are VERY expensive. The roads are narrow and winding and in many cases cobblestoned. The houses are tilting and bulging and would never pass American inspection. Everyone is quite kind, and there are many cats that seem to like us and wish we would take them home. We have spent much time walking for hours and hours, along the Mayenne River or in search of baby goats. Did I mention I'm happy?

And France seems to be good for Matthew's soul. Either that or I am. Actually, it's probably me.

Matthew's teenagers are VERY VERY giggly. I am reminded that at some time I was probably giggly too. And french teenagers don't actually speak english with any superiority. I was much put at ease to find out that they speak english with a similar clutziness to which I spoke Spanglish in high school. They seem to like Mr. Porubcansky quite a bit: they have a great time in his class and only slightly abuse his kindness.

Now I have a brief ode to Matthew himself. His french is superb, and only earlier today a stranger asked him if he had lived outside of france, as she detected a bit of an accent. Needless to say, Sir Matt John has been glowing ever since. He has also done a superb job of getting to know this new city, and has been an impeccable escort, leading me everywhere, knowing all the sights, and of course, translating. He has risked life and limb each morning to hunt us fresh bison, bread, and butter for a classic french breakfast. Also, he is the best boyfriend ever.

That's all for now, because there are too many magical moments to mention, I'm sleepy, and we still have another 100 pages to go on the Da Vinci Code.

love to all!

Bonus Pictures!
Girl in Laval: 1 2
Girl in High Fashion: 1 2
Girl near Mansion: 1
Girl being French: 1


At 2:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmm- Matt John she's kinda cute. Should I be jealous?

PS- when a girl in MN asks you for a mailing address- and you don't email her your mailing address- you don't get mail while you're in France.

So, um, hey Matt John- what's your mailing address?



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