Monday, September 26, 2005


Instead of going home after work, today I worked my way over to the movie theaters at Piper's Alley. Monday night, before supper. Odd time for a movie, maybe?

Not if it's for a press screening.

Not if it's for Serenity.

And so, after some tense time in line with what must have been a couple of hundred other people, time spent wondering if I'd get in, I found myself in the best seat in the house. Lights go down, hopes come up.

Serenity is big, crass, thoughtful, thrilling, and extremely dangerous. Well over half of the nine main characters get genuinely hurt through the course of the film, and it is apparent that Main Character Protection does not apply in this rough, nasty future. The action sequences do justice to that big huge screen, and the humor that made writer/director Joss Whedon famous comes through at unexpected moments - and it comes through big, despite some grim situations.

Because this story is the continuation of a television series, I had worried before I saw it that it would feel just like a regular, longer episode of the show. A bit comfy and a bit glitzy, but nothing new. Not so here. The stakes are higher, the highs are higher, and the lows are lower. This film hits you then tickles you then pets you then hits you again. Dull moments are in short supply.

I'm still digesting the film so it's hard to say how good it really is; I just know that I had a fantastic time and that, artistically, it's a success. Whedon had a clear vision as a writer that he really massaged with good directorial style into a strong whole. The acting was uniformly good stuff - special credit to Nathan Fillion as Captain Reynolds. He needs to be good to anchor the cast, and boy does he deliver.

Go see Serenity. It's a great pleasure - huge, thrilling, funny, scary, and so much fun. This, my friends, is a Big Damn Movie.

And now that we're not reviewing the movie anymore, I have to give a special mention to Janelle, who I met at the screening, along with her boyfriend Matt (ahem, no relation). She and Matt were up on checking out the truth behind the confused ticket and entrance situation, and they were very likely the difference between my Perfect Seat and the total possibility of not getting in at all. Plus they're the type you'd like to get stuck in a long line with. Good folks.

Karma check? She and I work at the same place, which (because of Internet Law of Thou Shalt Not Blog About Thy Job, Not Even A Little) shall remain nameless. Coincidence abounds!

It was, overall, an extremely satisfying night. Now go see a movie!