Thursday, April 19, 2007

Genius In Many Forms

I'm back in Chicago and working at the same old office. It's freakin' me out!

Ergo, some genius for you today instead of a boring story:

Chix0r/H4x0r Cathy has once again shown her genius (other examples - her games) with this Soul Calibur setup. Exercise has rarely been more violent!

Then there's BBC Radio 4, which gives us the show Genius. It's very simple - it invites the general public to contribute their genius ideas. Clever! And funny! Plus you can listen any time you want!

Any genius in your life lately?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I'm in Wisconsin, and it feels like Christmas. There's snow, and I'm tired, and I expect there to be a tree up in my parents' living room.

Someone reboot me?

Objects to Which I Bade Farewell, And My Responses to Them

* The Bridge - best bike ride of 2007!

* The Other Bridge - "I lived under you like a common troll!"

* The Seagull With Whom I Fought - he bought me a beer. We're cool now.

* The Tool Who Calls it Frisco, Even Though He Lives Here - what a tool

* The Building Where I Used to Work - I shook my fist at it. "You'll have no more out of me!" I yelled.

* Delancey Street Crossroads Cafe - tasty breakfast!

* All Those Dead Hookers I Kept in My Apartment - SOOOO EMBARRASSING when you bring a girl back to your place

* The Guys - still hanging out, yelling ORR ORR ORR!

* The Street Where Mackenzie and I Dance While Driving - folks, when we dance, other drivers sway with lit lighters, birds join in, and even the grumpiest baby smiles. Usually a rainbow appears on the horizon.

* Sawyer (Something) Trail, Home of Newty McWoggles - best place to rollerblade and meet (and name) reptiles!

* Coworkers - they bought me beer, so we're cool, too

Monday, April 09, 2007

While We're Not on the Subject

I believe that Godric Gryffindor's sword has been one of Voldemort's horcruxes since Big V asked Big D for a job and got flat turned down cold. Does it really make sense that Big V wanted into Big D's office just to ask for a piddly job?

And who better to unwittingly guard a little piece of your soul?

Leaving San Francisco

Well, I guess it's almost over.

I'm flying out of SFO on Wednesday, and that will wrap up the majority of my involvement with this office, this project, and - for now - this city.

It's been long and intense. I'm a whole new manager now, and a bit of a fuller person, too.

Oh, hell. It makes me want to party and forget all the boring bureaucracy. Anyone up for a beer?

Monday, April 02, 2007

Verbal Altercation

The date: Today, April 1st, 2007
The place: Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California
The aggressor: Some dipshit bird

The story: So I'm skating through the park, and I stop for a rest by this really nice little pond (I guess they race remote-control boats there sometimes). This seagull is standing on the edge of the water and he just starts LOOKIN at me, you know, and he's got this LOOK in his eye like "OH YEAH YOU DON'T KNOW WHOSE TURF YOU STEPPIN ON" and I just look back cool as ice because I know if we get into it he's gonna be all lit up like Joan of Arc on Bastille Day you know I'm basically pretty confident.

So there's this moment and it's stretching out real long you know and this seagull ruffles his neck up a little and he fixes me with his beady little eye and says to me "WARRRRRRRRRK" and I'm all OH YEAH? and he's all "WARRRRK!" and I'm all PROVE IT and he's all "WAAA-AAARRRK" and I'm all YOU WANNA THROW DOWN SON OR WHAT IS IT THEN and he clearly was not prepared to go webbed foot-to toe with me oiled-up greco-roman style and so he just slides off into the water and makes for the center of the pond. So I go right over to where he was standing before and I'm all OH YEAH YOU BETTER RUN.

The winner: ME.