Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Objects to Which I Bade Farewell, And My Responses to Them

* The Bridge - best bike ride of 2007!

* The Other Bridge - "I lived under you like a common troll!"

* The Seagull With Whom I Fought - he bought me a beer. We're cool now.

* The Tool Who Calls it Frisco, Even Though He Lives Here - what a tool

* The Building Where I Used to Work - I shook my fist at it. "You'll have no more out of me!" I yelled.

* Delancey Street Crossroads Cafe - tasty breakfast!

* All Those Dead Hookers I Kept in My Apartment - SOOOO EMBARRASSING when you bring a girl back to your place

* The Guys - still hanging out, yelling ORR ORR ORR!

* The Street Where Mackenzie and I Dance While Driving - folks, when we dance, other drivers sway with lit lighters, birds join in, and even the grumpiest baby smiles. Usually a rainbow appears on the horizon.

* Sawyer (Something) Trail, Home of Newty McWoggles - best place to rollerblade and meet (and name) reptiles!

* Coworkers - they bought me beer, so we're cool, too


At 5:15 PM, Anonymous Mack said...

And with that rainbow usually appears a unicorn where it looks awesome. He also bade farewell to the unicorn.

PS Ned: So, this is how you repay me, Adam! And after I created my fingers to the bone for you. I -- Ohhhh, my unicorn! [tries to rouse him by nudging him with His finger] Oh, what have they done to you, Gary?

At 9:19 AM, Anonymous pascal said...

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See you soon !



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