Monday, October 03, 2005

The Week o' Coincidence

I’m on the Amtrak train, listening to French rapper MC Solaar (bouge de la!) and recalling the week so far.

Monday was my advance screening of Serenity, which I should reiterate was fantastic and exciting and made me want to see it again. At this event, of course, I ran into somebody who just happens to work at the same place that I do. Neat.

Tuesday night my friend Anne lets me know that she’s come into a few tickets for the Cubs game. Sweet! It’s the second to last home game of the season, and Greg Maddux was up against the wall - if he could win this game, he’d have a chance at extending his streak of 15-win seasons.

Coming off the train, I hear someone say my name. It’s the same woman that I met Monday who works at the same place I do. She happens to be going to the game, too. On the street maybe three minutes later, I run into the old tech guy from work, who *also* happens to be going to the game. Coincidences were just unruly that night, let me tell you.

My charmed life continued on Wednesday, when in the lobby of my building I ran into someone I went to high school with. Haven’t seen her in probably eight or nine years, and here she is, in my building, working for the competition. Weirdest thing.

So there we go. I live a life that others only dream of!