Sunday, October 14, 2007

DVD Chapter Titles - No Longer Boring

Most people who read this will probably already know that I am a big fan of zombies. The walking dead, be they fast or slow, tickle a special nerve in me. They're big fans of me, too, in an arrangement whereby the special nerve they'd like to tickle in me is my brain, and they hope I don't mind terribly if they do the tickling with their teeth.

That weirds me out a bit.

Anyway, short of letting them eat my brains, the best way I've found to commune with zombies is to watch the movies in which they so ably steal scenes.

To that end, I bought 28 Weeks Later* and a colorized version of Night of the Living Dead.

The DVD issue of Night of the Living Dead that I got has some lovely chapter names. You know how they're usually silly, like "4. Xanthar and Auron At The Used Car Lot"? Here's a sample of much better chapter names from Night of the Living Dead:

3. Zombies Hate Clotheslines
4. Fun With A Tire Iron
5. Let The Board Nailing Begin!
10. Barbra's Still Out To Lunch
12. Barbra's STILL Out To Lunch
15. Dad, Your Arm Tastes Great!

With chapters like these, I can hardly wait to pull out the movie and see how it looks in color.

I did finally watch 28 Weeks Later, and I enjoyed it. I think it's worth a second watch and then a third with the director's commentary. Very effective, nasty movie.

* Yes, I know they're not technically zombies in the 28 series. No, I don't care. back


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